We offer complete services, starting with the consulting, planning and product development through to implementation and on to further long-term development and support.

Samples of projects

Web application

For one customer, we are using the web application framework Rails to further develop the existing recommerce application. The emphasis is on the exact mapping of the business processes and the development of customer-specific white label front-ends. We are using a distributed architecture and have integrated innumerable external services, such as PayPal, eBay, Amazon, and DHL.

iPad application

For another customer, we are implementing a magazine for iPads. We are programming an iPad app that 'drags' the multimedia content from a web-based CMS. The customer will then be able to create the contents in the WYSIWYG editor, which is an innovative and very easy solution for the customer.

API connection

For a third customer, a consumer goods manufacturer, we are working on a logistics project in which we have developed the connection from the online shop to the SAP inventory management system and to the logistics software of a service provider. We have also made use of agile methods that result in shorter iterations, a higher level of flexibility, and higher customer satisfaction.

The programs we use are:
Ruby on Rails, nginx, jQuery, MySQL, RubyMotion, MongoDB, Neo4J, SAP, and many more.

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